I can not believe the year has come and almost gone. Time really does fly! Here are some of our favorite moments of 2016.



  • 1

    KYSSMAS After Party at the Sunrise

    This for me anyway comes in at number one. There are few nights a year where Billy and I are out past midnight. This time we were up almost 24 straight hours for KYSSMAS for Kids and the after party. Billy and I over indulged and ended up singing and hugging around which is something we normally don't do. It was a good memory for a great cause.

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    Joining the Community 'Can the Bobcats' Video

    Charene Herrera TSM
  • 3

    Luke Bryan Cut-Out Fun

    This was so much fun! We still have all the cut outs pictures on our Facebook page. In April 2016 Luke Bryan, LBT and Dustin Lynch rocked the Adams Center. The outside fun was just a great addition.

    Charene Herrera TSM
  • 4

    Headwaters Country Jam 2016

    Headwaters Country Jam 2016! What a fun festival. Billy and I have a blast. From the games, the gear you can get, the giveaways. Just so much fun.

  • 5

    Billy and Charene Visit the Corn Maze

    Corn Maze Video

    Corn Maze fun! We took a tour and had to get out and use our wonderful team work to do it.