Alright, the big week has finally arrived for the voting portion of the Big Game for the Big Game Contest. Here's how this will work...Flip through the photos in the slideshow and find the one you like best. Click on the caption button in the lower left hand corner of the photo to see the number of the photo, the name of the person who sent it in and the description they gave of the photo. Then, find the person's name and number in the poll below, click the bubble next to it and push the vote button.

You are welcome to vote as many times as you want. If you are particularly passionate about a certain one, we recommend sharing the link to this page on Facebook, via email, etc... All regular KYSS FM contest rules apply.

Voting will close at 7:50 a.m. (Missoula time) on Thursday, Nov. 15. At that time, Craig & Al will announce the winner on the air during their show.

Remember, the person who sent in the photo that receives the most votes will receive four tickets to the Griz-Cat football game in Missoula on Saturday, Nov. 17. So choose wisely, vote often, have fun... and let the "game(s)" begin!!!