Well the Rock Creek Lodge is home of the world famous...."Rocky Mountain Oyster" festival... a nice way of saying it. They have some cool stuff there! 

Not only home of one of the biggest festivals in the state, the Rock Creek Lodge also has great food and is dog friendly! That's right, look towards the fireplace and below you will see a couple dog dishes laid out in case your pooch is hungry/thirsty.

Then if you wander into the gift shop you see all kinds of memorabilia from the festival. It wouldn't be complete with out a bull you could ride right? It may not be a mechanical bull... but it's actually much cooler. A life size replica of a real bull you can use the step ladder to get up on and "ride" it!

I was able to hang out there yesterday for Sunday Funday and had a blast with my friends John and Abbie, and Abbie's hound Daisy. This had to be the best picture of the day! Old Daisy riding the bull.

Photo courtesy of John Staats