The question today is what beers would go best with corned beef and cabbage?I consulted with Tim France and Mark “The Beer Guy” at Worden’s Market. They came up with a list of seven beers and a couple of hard ciders as suggestions. We also determined that cooking your corned beef in some of the beverages would be very good, especially the hard ciders. I’ve got my corned beef all ready now the big decision is cider or beer? Here’s the list along with some comments from Tim and Mark…Enjoy!

Everyone knows about Guinness Draught. It has good clean flavors and is lighter that most folks think at an alcohol level of under 4 %.  

Another great one would be Murphy’s Stout Draught. We’re talking cans (Draught) here. They have a nitrogen capsule that breaks when you open them and nitrogen has a very fine bead and a very smooth effect on the beer.

Any Scotch Ale style beer will be great too because of the slightly sweet flavor will complement the saltiness of the CBC. We talking Cold Smoke, Highlander, Belhaven, Traquair, and Killarney 

Finally don’t forget the dry ciders like Strongbow or Crispen. They are darn near perfect for CBC.