For my first time I was present for the loss of a child's first tooth over the weekend! Really put a perspective of having kids I didn't have before. 

To see the excitement in a child's eyes when they loose their first tooth was so cool. His eyes got huge, and we all screamed and laughed. A milestone in a kids life.

When his parents told him that he would now be getting a visit from the tooth fairy he had no idea what to think. A visit from a fairy in the middle of the night? But a fairy who brings you gifts!

When I saw him after getting his visit from the wonderful tooth fairy he said " Charene the tooth fairy came, look what she brought me!" She brought him a little pouch with some monies in it! With a note saying congratulations on loosing your first tooth and to remember to keep the teeth healthy. That moment was not only cool but put a different perspective on having kids. Those little moments that are so fun and special, you hold so dear.

So Wyatt and I had first times together over the weekend. What happened next was ultra cool, he lost the tooth next to the one he had lost before! Two teeth in one weekend and Two visits from the tooth fairy!! Way to go buddy.