Missoula is home to four breweries that make several distinctly different and tasty beers. Along with that there are quiet a few home brewers including an acquaintance of mine that brews some seriously tasty winter solstice beer, best enjoyed around a chimney out on the deck. Ummmmm!

Anytime time I see a beer story I check it out. Like this one;

Austin-based Jester King Craft Brewery has recalled the bottles of Commercial Suicide, an English Dark Mild Ale with 3.3 percent ABV. A few weeks ago, the company posted an issue about the Commercial Suicide bottles continuing to ferment beyond the projected finishing point, and becoming over carbonated as a result. The company has recalled the beer as the fermentation has continued to a point where bottles may now be showing significant signs of leakage and may overflow extensively upon opening.

This same thing happened to a first time brewer friend who tried the home brew process. We returned home one night to find the rec room fridge awash in beer and several broken bottles inside.