The Montana Air National  Guard will add to the excitement of the 112th Brawl of The Wild Saturday afternoon as a pair of F-15 jets flyover Washington Grizzly Stadium. Master Sgt Andy English says if all goes as planned they should hit about the time the National Anthem is concluding.

At that point both pilots will “throttle up”, go into afterburner and fly over the stadium.  They’ll make banking turns to the left and be gone before we know it. Sgt English said the planes will be piloted by graduates from The University of Montana and Montana State University. Their flight from Malmstrom Air Force Base near Great Falls to Missoula will take about 12 minutes. The planes are powered by a pair of Pratt Whitney engines generating 50,000 HP each. If they could carry enough fuel they could fly from Great Falls to Seattle in 20 minutes according the Sgt. English. This is going to be fun. Speaking of fun check out the video of what’s called and Unrestricted Takeoff and Climbout.  Then ride along for a combat takeoff from the Middle East. Awesome!

Thanks to Master Sgt English and MANG for the information and the great pictures.