It’s Saturday afternoon. I somehow have zero obligations. I’m caught up on all school work, my room and house are meticulously clean, and it’s our day off for basketball. (Such a realistic situation…)

What? Free time? I don’t even know what to do with myself. A sudden thrill of excitement hits me. I’m having a Pinterest day!

Of course I already have multitudes of pins and ideas of what to do from when I was procrastinating from doing homework all week. I’m thinking I’m going to bake a yummy treat from one of the many recipes I’ve saved and attempt a new basket weave braid in my friend’s hair. I’m also going to work on a do-it-yourself Christmas light decoration with the holidays coming up. If I have any extra time I’ll paint my nails in the snazzy Aztec designs I’ve been waiting to try.  I really couldn’t be bored if I wanted to.

If you haven’t heard about this extremely popular social media trend, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. The site lets someone organize and share all the beautiful things found on the web. People can browse pinboards created by others, giving them a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share the same interests.

As much as I absolutely love Pinterest, I will give a fair warning. The site is utterly addicting. In fact, the average user spends nearly 80 minutes when visiting the site. Think of all the important things you could get done in that time. This site is a genius procrastination tool. Having said that, I still am guilty of visiting the site when I knowingly should not.

The social media craze has all sorts of categories to browse. From interior design, animals, food and fashion - to products, photography, kids and quotes - one can see how it can be so easy to spend hours of time on the site. That is not even half of the categories available.

With the holidays coming up, Pinterest can be especially useful. They have such creative ideas for party favors, gifts, and recipes.

The next time there is a rainy or obligation-free day, you know where to look for something to do! There are already over 10.4 million users pinning. Are you pinterested?