You gotta love Garden City Plumbing, one of the many vendors at this year's Missoula Home and Garden Show. At these show lots of businesses offer free candy, prizes you can register for, baked goodies, novelty logo items, etc. But nobody presented their freebies quite like this: A toilet full of Snickers, Kit Kats and Mars Bars to name a few. Now I doubt there's anyone reading this who is really wondering, but just to be sure, of course it was clean, sanitary and never used! I don't know how many times the guys had to refill the candy commode, but I'm sure it was often, as the Missoula Home and Garden Show drew big crowds both Saturday and Sunday. Participating vendors I talked to were very pleased. And of course the big winner was the Missoula Food Bank and other organizations that distribute food to those in need, as that was the admission charge to get in. Folks brought nonperishable food items and the donation boxes and carts were packed! So great job, western Montana and I hope you enjoyed the show.   DB