I have this incredible love of Firebirds and it goes back to the first date I ever had with my wife -- we went to see "Smokey and the Bandit." Ever since, I've been in love with that Firebird Trans Am.

My first car was a 1970 Firebird (I paid $700 for it) it was beat up but I put new wheels on it). I still dreamed of a Trans Am with that big Firebird logo on the hood (for those that don't know, there are actually three types of Firebirds).

My first new Firebird was a 1982, but it wasn't a Trans Am either.

I got my first Trans Am when I moved to Florida. It was a 1978 with only 16,000 miles. It was in an old couple's garage and had all the original parts -- except for a big hole in the dash board where an 8-track used to be.

When Chrysler announced they were ending production, I bought an almost-new 2001 Ram Air (with the nostrils on it).

But we decided to get rid of it when we moved to Reno. It's a great extra car, but if you live in an area with snow, it's no good. I haven't had a Firebird since, but believe me, I think about it a lot.

I recently found t-shirts with the Trans Am Firebird logo on it for $9.99 at Fred Meyer. I bought two.