Yes, there are lots of things funny about the Anthony Weiner texting scandal, but one of the things I'm still chuckling about every time I see the footage is the guy behind the confessing couple! Talk about photobombs! People online have now identified the guy. Check out the answer.

While watching the press conference I kept wondering if he was the campaign manager or something. But he's listening like he's one of the media, but what's he doing on the wrong side of the cameras? And what's he doing down there? If he's listening, why isn't he listening all the time? Is he answering the phone? And why does he keep moving around?

So who is he? WOR radio reporter Jeff McKinney. Apparently he was standing there because he was late to the news conference and the "media area" was full.

Great idea for future sporting events and concerts: late? just hop on the field/stage!

Hey, did anybody figure out that if he wins and ever meets someone named Oscar he can introduce himself by saying, "Oscar, Mayor Weiner"?