AniMeals of Missoula is coordinating a LARGE feral colony sterilization.  The organization has teamed up with several organizations in the area: Animal Control (Friends of the Shelter), Fox Hollow Animal Project, Dr. Jani Zirbel DVM, Lambros and Southgate Mall. This wouldn’t be happening without a $5,000 grant from the ASPCA and support from the MANY volunteers who are working night and day to find, trap and medicate the cats within this colony.



The South Side Rescue Project is being held June 28th-July 1st and will encompass altering and vaccinating (rabies) 80-100 feral cats and several batches of kittens who are in foster care at the moment.

Due to the vast amount of feral cats, AniMeals was unable to open this event to the public, but they want people who live in the area to know that they are bringing aid to the many sick cats that roam their streets and in doing so are preventing over .5 million cats from being born in our community within the next 5 years!

For more information contact AniMeals at 406-543-0100.