My wife and I took a four-day weekend recently to try to find some some and warmer weather.  We left in the camper thinking "Aha!  Arches National Park in Utah."  Not so fast there pilgrim.

First we spent the night in downtown Spencer, Idaho (Opal capital of the world) because we were in a complete white-out every time a semi passed us.  Then we headed east on highway 6 out of Provo, Utah and hit a blizzard on the way up the pass.

Finally we just kept turning right until we were headed north again on I-15.  Anyway, we eventually found a great state park called Yuba State Park.  Pretty reservoir, nice campground, beautiful mountains...but the bridge you see in the picture was literally falling apart.  And it was still in use.

I think I've found the next "shovel ready" project.