Long-time listeners of the Craig & Al Morning Show will undoubtedly have heard us talk about my brother-in-law Rodney in Brainerd, Minnesota.  He's the one my sister Sharon, Rodney's wife, believes still has a job as a Realtor.  Little does she know he apparently goes to the office each day with the sole purpose of sending out group e-mails to his buddies (me included) containing things that amuse him...Rodney and several buddies have, for several years, owned "the hunting camp" just ouside of Bemidgi, Minnesota.  The boys from Brainerd go up there to hunt...and drink...and scratch themselves in inappropriated places.  Generally speaking "to get away from the women folk."  This, I might add, has the full approval and even encouragement of the women.

I really think one of the reasons we have so many transplants from the Upper Midwest here in Western Montana is that the scenery is better when there's nothing to shoot at.

Here's to ya Rodney.  Keep those e-mails coming.