I'm sort of a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas music. Every year I  go to the local music store and buy a couple of new selections. I'm always open to different sounds. My current collection ranges from reggae to Mahalia Jackson. I just load up the CD changer and set it on shuffle. But if I had to choose my all time five favorite songs this is my list. They're in no specific order;


  • 1

    The Christmas Song

    Mel Torme

    No one can sing this song like the Velvet Fog, no one.

  • 2

    Baby It’s Cold Outside

    Martina is the perfect counterpoint to Deano.

  • 3

    Pretty Paper

    Willie Nelson

    Willie wrote this song; Roy Orbison had the first hit with it. Look at how young Willie is in this video.

  • 4

    Silent Night

    Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville

    This is pairing of voices that capture the essence of a beautiful song.

  • 5

    Oh Holy Night

    Celtic Women

    With Irish heritage on both sides of the family I would be remiss if I didn’t include the Celtic Women.