Here at 94.9 KYSS-FM we are really in the holiday spirit. We even have stocking hung in the studio (thanks Charene). And since we are all feeling very festive, we decided that starting at 6pm on Christmas Eve we are playing 24 hours of only Christmas music!

As you are finishing up the last few things on Christmas Eve we will be there for you playing your favorite Christmas songs. When you wake up on Christmas morning we would love to be your soundtrack as you're opening gifts. And remember if you want 24/7 Christmas music we have that for you too, just click here.

Since we are Montana's Country Leader we will be going back to the Country music that you love at 6pm on Christmas night. Merry Christmas from Billy, Charene, and Denny here at 94.9 KYSS FM!


    Look at the beautifully snow covered Lolo, MT!