A big Craig Al thank-you to Jaala Wickman and Paul Rosignol of  SFW-MT (Sportsmen For Fish & Wildlife - Montana) for joining us this morning on the show.  And, Jaala, sorry about the gender and pronunciation thing.  Let me explain.

First, when mentioning that Jaala would be joining us in the studio, I said "he".  Wrong.  Then I pronounced her name "Jah-lah".  Wrong again.  It's "Jay-lah".  I did get Paul's name right though!

Anyway the folks from SFW - MT would love to have you join them Sunday starting at two at the Lumberjack.  Free food (donations accepted), prizes for the best hunting pictures and a chance for you to speak out and catch up on the groups mission. 

More information on Sunday's gathering here.  More information on SFW - MT here.