Okay, it's time to hand out my own recognitions, not based on what the artists contributed over the past 12 months, but rather what they contributed at the show last night. I polled an exhausting number of opinions....Well, okay, I just polled me. These results have a margin of error of plus or minus 100%. 

---Best Speaking Voice Resembling Singing Voice Award: Luke Bryan.

---Best Worlds Collide Performance: Carrie Underwood and Steven Tyler.

---Best Sounding Live Performance: Blake Shelton and his new honey bee song. 

---Best Knocked It Outta The Park Performance: Sara Evans

---Best Stage: Taylor Swift's Beverly Hillbilly cabin backdrop.

---Best Feel Good Performace: Darius Rucker and those developmentally disabled individuals.

---Best Cleared Up Some Confusion Award: Zac Brown and James Taylor on stage at the same time, 'cuz based on his voice, I kinda th0ught Zac Brown WAS James Taylor.  And the bonus gravy was I got to hear a chunk of Sweet Baby James, my favorite JT song.