This afternoon I was away from my desk for a few minutes meeting with a co-worker down the hall. When I sat back down I couldn't help but notice something fairly disturbing right in the view between my two computer monitors...

What is it you ask? Well, it is a dead deer. SEE?!


Throughout the day I kept seeing this poor thing laying out in the shoulder of the south bound lane of South Reserve. I couldn't help it. It's just RIGHT THERE!

While I was on a conference call with a co-worker in New York I saw an SUV pull into the short driveway that leads up to fence of the golf course. I told the person on the phone that to hold on a second so I could watch what the man in the SUV was up to.

The guy got out of his vehicle, walked over to the deer on the other side of the vehicle, leaned down and touch the deer in the chest/shoulder area. He then got back in his car and sat there for a minute. A bicyclist soon arrived at the scene and talked to the driver through his car window.

Next thing I knew the scene was clear of people, but the dead deer was still present.

I posted the above picture on Facebook to update my friends of the situation outside the window, since I'd posted about it initially as well. After some funny comments, one of them told me that I should go back to work. I told him I was too distracted by the dead deer out my window and that I just couldn't do that.

Next thing I knew Aaron Traylor was standing behind me and staring out the window. He finally speaks and says, "What do you think? If I move it about 10 feet to the right do you think that will work?"

I laughed and said "Ya, totally!"

"OK, I'll just go out there and you wave to me which way you want it and how far," he said.

Well he was smiling, and I was laughing, so I thought it was a joke...

Then I look out the window to see him standing on the sidewalk outside my window preparing to cross the street.

Then, there he was, boots to the deer...


Then, he grabbed a hold of her legs and drug her down the way...

I'm not sure I've ever laughed so hard while being so grossed out at the same time in all my life! I was clearly greatly thankful for Aaron Traylor's heroic efforts and comic relief this afternoon.