I'm not suggesting it's a lost art, but in this increasingly business-casual world, I wonder if fewer people know how to do this.

We can all remember those times as young drivers when we got pulled over and the police officer gave us a break. And the officer figured this young man's excuse merited forgiveness, and also a helping hand with his necktie.

A student at the University of Wisconsin-Stout was pulled over for speeding. The kid was obviously in a panic because he was late for a presentation, and he had to find a friend of his first to help him tie his necktie. Well, not only did Officer Martin Folczyk let the student off with a warning, he took his tie and made a knot, then even adjusted for him after he put it on.

Good job, officer! That's the kind of college student "tie one on" we like to hear about from time to time.