Do you think your business or the business you work shouldn't target a slightly older crowd? "Americans over the age of 50 are 100 million strong. We'll soon control more than 70 percent of the disposable income in this country. We buy two-thirds of of all the new cars, half of all the computers and a third of the movie tickets. We spend $7 billion a year online. Travel? More than 80 percent of all the premium travel dollars flow from our credit cards. Add it all up and American adults who are over 50 come in as the third largest economy in the world, trailing only the gross national product of the United States and China."

This is an excerpt from a monthly message from Robert Love, the editor of AARP Magazine, which admittedly might be a bit biased. But it sounds to me like some low-hanging fruit in the form of potential customers who are largely being ignored is ready to be picked by your business. Long may we run! DB