It's been an incredible ride, but after two decades together, it is with great sadness that we announce the end of Craig and Al's morning show. To anyone who has been in the Western Montana area during that time, Craig and Al have been the fabric of each and every morning. Their lovable antics and great sense of community are unparalleled.

Al started out in the radio business in 1973 and has been in Missoula since 1975. He first teamed up with Craig twenty years ago, forming Montana's dynamic duo of mornings. Now, after forty years in the business (and scores of well-deserved accolades) Al has decided that it's time to retire and Craig has chosen to head off for a new adventure in the business he loves so much. We're sad to see them go--and we know you are, too, so let's make sure we give them the honorable, heartfelt goodbye such distinguished figures deserve.

In the history of the Craig and Al Show, their have been countless fundraisers, community events, goofball antics, and more. They've touched the lives of so many people in our community, and we want to hear from you! Wish them well, tell them how much their show has meant to you, and if you have photographic evidence of the shenanigans they've gotten up to, we would love to see it!

Share your stories and photos below, and be sure to check out our slideshow of Craig and Al memories We'll be putting more together, so stay tuned.