Friday was National Donut Day.  Dunkin Donuts thought that would be a good day to debut their new breakfast sandwich . . . bacon and egg on a glazed donut.  Now that sounds pretty good, actually.  I mean, we all get sweetness on eggs and bacon if the syrup gets mixed in, right?  But Krispy Kreme may have just raised the stakes even further. On Saturday, the San Diego County Fair in California, unveiled a SLOPPY JOE using a Krispy Kreme DONUT as the BUN. It features meat, sauce, and cheese on a glazed donut. And the donut doesn't have a hole in it, which should help the Sloppy Joe from getting TOO sloppy. It's from a chef named "Chicken" Charlie Boghosian, who has a legacy of creating ridiculous deep fried foods for the fair. It's not entirely clear if Krispy Kreme is a part of it though.