Zac Brown Band is one of my favorite country bands to date. They had me hooked with their hit single "Chicken Fried," and ever since then, I've never looked back.

Recently, the band announced their performance at the Southern Ground Music and Food Festival that is taking place September 27 and September 28 in Nashville, Tennessee. That's not even the best part...Your chance to win tickets is just a click away!

In celebration of the opportunity to win tickets to the Southern Ground Music and Food Festival, and to see Zac Brown Band live, I compiled a list of my top seven favorite songs by Zac Brown Band to get you all in the spirit.


  • 1

    Chicken Fried

    I don't know if it's the title or if the song is super catchy, but this song always puts me in a good mood. I think everyone can relate at least a little bit to the lyrics, whether it be eating fried chicken with a cold beer on a Friday night, or wearing a pair of jeans that fit just right. I have to admit, the video is pretty great, too.

  • 2

    Whatever It Is

    Here's a feel-good song that never disappoints. Zac Brown Band always knows exactly what to say when showing affection to their significant others...Or whatever it is they like.

  • 3


    With summer in full swing, I couldn't think of a better song to get me in the mood for the hot weather and countless memories made with great friends and family. "Life is good today!"

  • 4

    Highway 20 Ride

    I find this song to be extremely relatable on several different levels. But most of all, I find myself going on long drives, especially during the summer at night, just to think — even if it isn't about the happiest of things. Nothing says clearing your head like a long summer drive.

  • 5

    Goodbye In Her Eyes

    There always has to be a sad, breakup song added to the mix, so here's mine. Even though the music video doesn't quite match what Zac Brown Band is singing about, it nevertheless brings a tear or two to the eyeballs. Go ahead, see if you can go without tearing up.

  • 6

    As She's Walking Away

    This song features one of my other favorite country artists, Alan Jackson. The lyrics are a helpful reminder to have a "you only live once" kind of moment and go after what you want! So don't be fallin' in love as she's walking away!

  • 7

    Jump Right In

    Ending on a positive note, "Jump Right In" is another song that gets me excited that summer is here and it's here to stay! It gives me a carefree, do-what-you-want kind of vibe. It's hard not to sing along!