Too often, by the time the check comes you’ve eaten yourself silly, and the mere thought of taking one more bite is enough to pop the button right off of your pants. But if you’re dining at one of the following establishments, you might want to consider quitting early on the main course to make sure you save room for a deliciously sweet finish.

  • 1

    The Iron Horse

    From classic stand-bys like red velvet cake and crème brulee, to creative concoctions such as a Guinness float or fried chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough, the I Ho has something to satisfy every set of taste buds.

    Photo courtesy of jasonlam/Flickr
  • 2

    Ciao Mambo

    Like a small child, I love any food that can be dipped, which is why I find the zeppolis — think Italian doughnut holes — at my favorite Italian eatery absolutely irresistible. From what I’ve heard, the tiramisu is equally scrumptious.

    Photo courtesy of ShellyS/Flickr
  • 3

    The Mustard Seed

    This Asian café offers way more than the token Chinese fortune cookie at the end of a meal. The restaurant’s famous dessert menu features an array of treats from cheesecake to chocolate mousse pie.

    Photo courtesy of joana hard/Flickr
  • 4

    Finn & Porter

    Although I’m sure F & P’s solid desserts are to-die-for, I’m more interested in what’s on the bar menu. This fine dining establishment boasts one of the most impressive assortments of dessert drinks I have ever seen, many of which are made with ice cream and have names like “Orange Dream” or “Raspberry Truffle.” Yum!

    Photo courtesy of Newbirth35/Flickr
  • 5

    The Depot

    It’s no secret that cake and ice cream are two of my main motivational tools when it comes to exercising, and The Depot combines both in a near-perfect fashion with its rich chocolate lava cake served with creamy vanilla ice cream. It’s definitely worth going the extra mile!

    Photo courtesy of Kodamakitty/Flickr