If you’re looking for something with a little more pizzazz than the standard rum and Coke, check out the following Missoula drink concoctions. You might just find a new happy hour standby.

  • 1

    Bloody Marys at the Rhino

    I don’t know what they put in those things, but dang, they’re good. With just the right blend of salt and spice — not to mention a smorgasbord of tasty garnishes — this drink is sure to deliver when you just can’t bear the thought of another sugary beverage. (Or when you’re looking for a way to get in another serving of vegetables while you’re out on the town.)

    Photo courtesy of randomlife/Flickr
  • 2

    Moscow Mules at James Bar

    Fresh lime juice and tangy ginger beer give this vodka-based drink a unique, refreshing flavor that makes it go down oh, so smooth. As an added bonus, this Butte favorite is served in a real copper mug — which, according to legend, enhances the taste of the mixture.

    Photo courtesy of KayOne73/Flickr
  • 3

    Fishbowls at Paradise Falls

    The only thing that’s more fun than grabbing drinks with friends is sharing a giant drink with friends. Save yourself the trouble of forgetting where you set your glass. With a P-Falls fishbowl full of tropical goodness, all you’ll need is a straw.

    Photo courtesy of sheadonato/Flickr
  • 4

    Irish trashcans at the Bowl Dog Lounge

    I’m not really sure what is Irish about these — other than the fact that they are green and contain alcohol — but I do know that the combination of booze and Red Bull is both delicious and energizing. It’s the perfect way to catch your second wind if you feel your party spirit starting to fade.

    Photo courtesy of Dawn Ashley/Flickr
  • 5

    Margaritas at the Montana Club

    It’s not really a Mexican restaurant, but the Montana Club has this Mexican cocktail down pat. With several varieties to choose from, you’re sure to find a flavor to suit your palate. My pick? The Club Margarita, paired with an order of fish tacos. Olé!

    Photo courtesy of Lee Coursey/Flickr