not sick

Today is "National Stay at home cause you're well day"!  Call in “well” instead of faking illness.

Have you ever called in sick to work, but you were fine?

Don’t lie when calling into work…BUT if you need to in the future:


To avoid getting canned when playing hooky from work, follow Cosmopolitan's savvy plan:

Do it on Tuesday -- Feigning sickness is much less suspicious if, duh, you do it on a day other than Friday or Monday.

Time it right -- Dial in before the workday starts so you can leave a message on your boss's voice mail. Just make sure to leave your digits and check in later.

Don't aim for an Oscar -- Rather than putting on a fake cough voice and claiming that you're dying of the flu which she'll know is a lie, just day you're not feeling well.

Do it with discretion -- Keep the margarita soaked memories to yourself. An envious cubiclemate could rat you out and if your boss knows you lied, she'll be pissed.