Coming from the Flathead Valley wind is pretty common up in the "canyon" of Glacier, but nothing like what was recorded on Wednesday morning from 5 am to 6 am.

I saw the high wind alert for the Glacier area but really didn't think much of it. Like I said it's pretty common up there. It isn't common though to have winds exceed 100 MPH in Montana. Well it exceeded 100 MPH on Wednesday morning at Logan Pass. 139 MPH winds whipped through the park. Many people think that because of the mountains in Glacier they would stop the wind. It's actually opposite there is nothing to stop it and the mountains actually work as big sails pushing and accelerating the wind through a small area. To put this in perspective 139 MPH is a speed the equivalent of an EF-3 tornado, is faster than the winds generated by Typhoon Usagi from last year and faster than the winds Hurricane Katrina brought. WOW! Glad no one was hurt