1. Breakfast in bed. Add a flower in a vase for bonus points.
2. Handprint crafts. Whether on paper, in plaster, on a flower pot or apron, she's bound to love it. Search Pinterest for some awesome ideas.
3. Do chores. Moms are always overworked, so plan on spending Saturday doing lots of folding, cooking, dishes and vacuuming without being asked.
   4. Write something. A handwritten note, poem or card will go in the "keep" pile and she'll read it many times over for years to come.
5. Give her time. Whether it's for a pedicure, lunch with a friend or an hour-long nap, she'll love the "me time."
6. Make a coupon book. Mom will gush over complimentary bear hugs, a car wash or night off from cooking.
7. Teach her something. Plan to spend a few hours showing her how to use her computer, take pictures with an iPhone, crafting, cooking or something else you're good at.
8. Trash-to-treasure crafts. The web is crammed with ideas to make fancy fresh items from things you have around the house.
9. Digitized photos. Were you born in the 90's or earlier? Most of your childhood memories are probably on printed photos. Scan them, burn them to a CD and present them with a bow on top.
10. Time together. All mamas crave time with their babies, whether it's for a hike, trip to the park, movie night at home or afternoon at a museum. (Source: US News and World Report --Lee)